Meeting Schedule

Meetings of the Board of Fire Commissioners

Regular meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each month, except where noted in the schedule. For an explanation of the different types of meetings, please see below.

Meeting Calendar

Date Time Type
Jan. 11 7:00 PM Monthly via Zoom
Jan 14 6:30 PM Special Meeting via Zoom

Feb. 1

6:30 pm Annual Meeting via Zoom
Feb. 8 7:00 PM Monthly via Zoom
Feb 16 6:30 PM Special Meeting/Executive Session-Postponed to 2/23/21
Feb 23 6:30 PM Special Meeting/Executive Session-Public can access the meeting via Zoom
Mar. 8 7:00 PM Monthly
Mar. 16 6:30 PM Budget Workshop
Mar. 30 6:30 PM Budget Workshop
Apr. 6 6:30 PM Budget Workshop (if necessary)
Apr. 12 7:00 PM Monthly
Apr. 27 (Tuesday) 8:00 PM Budget Meeting/Commissioner Election
May 10 7:00 PM Monthly
Jun. 14 7:00 PM Monthly
Jul. 12 7:00 PM Monthly
Aug. 9 7:00 PM Monthly
Sep. 13 7:00 PM Monthly
Oct. 12 (Tuesday) 6:30 PM Monthly
Nov. 8 7:00 PM Monthly
Dec. 13 7:00 PM Monthly
Jan. 10, 2022 7:00 PM Monthly

Meeting Materials

Click below to download documents for the upcoming meeting (PDF).

BFC Meeting Packet - March 8, 2021 Regular Monthly Meeting

Building Committee Meeting Packet - March 8, 2021

Notice - Building Committee Meeting - March 8, 2021

Meeting Notice (Revised) - February 23, 2021 Special Meeting/Executive Session

Meeting Agenda (Revised) - February 23, 2021 Special Meeting/Executive Session

BFC Meeting Packet - February 8, 2021 Regular Meeting

Building Committee Meeting Packet 02/08/2021

Notice - Building Committee Meeting 02/08/2021

Notice - BFC Annual Meeting 02/01/21

Agenda - BFC Annual Meeting 02/01/21

Notice - BFC Special Meeting 01/14/21

Agenda - BFC Special Meeting 01/14/21

BFC Meeting Packet 01/11/21 Regular Monthly Meeting - Part 1: Meeting Notice thru Agenda Item #8

BFC Meeting Packet 01/11/21 Regular Monthly Meeting - Part 2: Agenda Items #9 thru #16

Notice - Building Committee Meeting 01/11/2021 Cancelled

Agenda - 12/22/20 Special Meeting

Notice - 12/22/20 Special Meeting

BFC Meeting Packet - 12/14/20 Regular Monthly Meeting

Building Committee Meeting Packet - 12-14-20

Building Committee Meeting Notice - 12-14-20

Building Committee Meeting Packet - 11-09-20

Building Committee Meeting Notice - 11-09-20

BFC Meeting Packet - 11-9-20 Regular Monthly Meeting

Notice - Special Meeting/Executive Session - 12-2-20

Agenda - Special Meeting/Executive Session - 12-2-20

Building Committee Meeting Packet - 10-13-20

Building Committee Meeting Notice - 10-13-20

BFC Meeting Packet - 10-13-20 Regular Monthly Meeting

BFC Meeting Notice - 10-13-20 Special Meeting/Executive Session

BFC Meeting Agenda - 10-13-20 Special Meeting/Executive Session

Meeting Notice - 10-6-20 Pension Committee Meeting

Meeting Agenda - 10-6-20 Pension Committee Meeting

Meeting Notice - 10-1-20 Special Meeting

Meeting Agenda - 10-1-20 Special Meeting

Meeting Notice - 9-17-20 Special Meeting/Executive Session

Meeting Agenda - 9-17-20 Special Meeting Executive Session

BFC Meeting Packet - 9-14-20 Regular Monthly Meeting

BFC Revised Agenda - 9-14-20 Regular Monthly Meeting

What are the Different Types of Meetings?

When the District was formed in 1957, a Charter was enacted through State Legislation. In addition to the Charter there are By-laws to govern District business.

In those documents, specific meetings and types of meetings are identified. When a meeting is posted in the legal notice of our local newspapers, the type of meeting is always identified.

There have been several occasions when taxpayers ask, "What are the Different Types of Meetings?"

The following brief explanations should help you to understand the system. If you would like more detailed information any of the meeting types, please refer to Article VI of the South Fire District By-Laws.

Regular Meetings of Commission

The Board of Fire Commissioners has regular Monthly meetings to conduct routine business. To keep costs down, the Commission posts these meeting dates once a year in a legal notice in the Middletown Press and/or Hartford Courant newspapers, and on this page of the South Fire District web site.

The residents of the Fire District also have specific types of meetings beyond those of the Fire Commission:

Annual Meeting

Elects a Commissioner.

Budget Meeting

Presents budget for taxpayer approval and adopts mill rate.

Budget Workshop Meeting

Allows budget items to be discussed prior to being presented for taxpayer approval.

Special Meetings of Electors

Called for the residents to be present for District business that requires actions of the taxpayers. Examples of this would be an election of a Commissioner for a vacated seat or approval of an expenditure not previously approved in the annual budget. Only the taxpayers can adopt a budget, levy taxes, and elect a Commissioner. All of these functions are handled in public meetings.

The only time the Commission could meet not in public view is for an "Executive Session". This session must be identified on the meeting agenda and the purpose of the session disclosed to the public. No votes are taken during these sessions. The State of Connecticut controls guidelines for Executive Sessions. Executive sessions are generally for personnel issues and collective bargaining strategy sessions.

Special Meetings of Commission

On occasion, the Commission needs to meet to discuss issues not a part of the regular Monthly Meeting. Those meetings are called "Special Meetings of Commission".

All District meetings have minutes taken, and are available from links on the Meeting Minutes page.

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