Call Statistics

In addition to fighting fires, South Fire District Personnel provide rapid respond to a wide variety of emergency situations. For more information about the services we perform, please see the Services page.

Call Volume by Month - 2024

Month Fire Medical Other Total Calls
  January 2 118 48 168
  February 9 99 42 150
  March 14 110 30 154
  April 9 103 46 158
  May 20 105 40 165
  Year-to-Date 54 535 206 795

Explanation of Call Types


Building fires, cooking fires, furnace malfunctions, car fires, outdoor fires involving rubbish, brush tires, etc.
Overpressure, Rupture, Explosion, Overheat (no fire) - May include: rupture of steam pipes or boilers (excluding steam mistaken for smoke), detonation of fireworks or other explosives, rupture of gas pipelines, scorching from lightning strike, and rupture resulting from chemical reactions - with no ensuing fire.

Rescue & Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Rescues include, but are not limited to: motor vehicle accidents, water and ice rescues, removal of people from stalled elevators. Emergency Medical Services provide emergency room type medical care on-location, whether it be at the scene of a rescue, a residence, or some other location.


  • Gasoline or other flammable liquid spills, carbon monoxide incidents, downed power lines, electrical wiring or equipment problems, cleanup at motor vehicle accidents.
  • Persons in distress, lock-outs, flooding, water evacuation, unauthorized burning, coverage provided for other departments.
  • Steam or other gases mistaken for smoke. Other situations where normal situations were mistaken for emergencies.
  • False Alarm & False Call
  • Fire detection system malfunctions, sprinkler activation due to malfunction, malicious false alarms.
  • Assessment of and standby for severe weather or natural disaster events (including earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, and lightning strike) when no fire or rescue services are required.
  • Voided calls due to CAD.
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