Adopt a Firefighter Program

The Adopt a Firefighter program was developed in 1989 with the intent of teaching children about the duties of a firefighter and to teach them about fire safety.

Because of the program's great success, it was rewarded with the Connecticut Fire Academy's Public Fire Education Team of the Year award. This program is conducted in cooperation with Bielefield and Farm Hill Elementary Schools.

Every month during the school year, a firefighter visits the third grade classes in each school. During the visits to the classroom, the "adopted" firefighter shows students the protective equipment worn by firefighters, explains how to place 911 calls, and teaches the importance of "getting out and staying out" when there is a fire in the home. Students also learn other important safety tips including; poisoning prevention, ice safety, burn prevention, and automobile safety.

Included in this year-long program is a simulated home evacuation drill. This true-to-life exercise is made possible by a pull-along camper/trailer that is built to resemble a bedroom and kitchen. Students enter the "bedroom" and wait for a smoke alarm to sound and simulated smoke to enter the room. This teaches participants how to crawl low under smoke and to safely evacuate a building. The program ends with a tour of the fire station and graduation diplomas.

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