Board Members

The South District Fire Commission consists of five members, each of whom are elected to a one-, two-, three-, four-, or five-year term by those residing in the Fire District.

Elections are held the day of the Annual Meeting in February, and voting results are announced at the meeting that evening. The term of the newly-elected commissioners begins at noon the next day.

For information about the duties of the Fire Commission, please refer to the Charter of the South Fire District page.

Deborah A. Kleckowski
197 Coleman Road
Term: 2024 – 2029

Sebastian N. Giuliano
Vice Chairman
348 Maple Shade Road
Term: 2020 - 2025

Geen Thazhampallath
71 Ribera Lane
Term: 2022 – 2027 

Philip J. Pessina
140 Maple Shade Road
Term:  April 2021 - 2026

William F. Gregorio, Sr.
214 Talcott Ridge Drive
Term:  2023 - 2028 

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