Street List

The streets listed below comprise the South Fire District.


Acer Drive
Acorn Drive
Aircraft Road
Alicia Lane
Allison Street
Andrew Street
Arbutus Street
Arnold Street
Ash Court
Autumn Lane
Avon Court


Baer Street
Bartholomew Road
Bear Hill Road
Bidwell Terrace
Bielefield Road
Birdsey Avenue
Black Walnut Drive
Bow Lane
Brooks Road
Brookside Avenue
Brush Hill Road (up to #131)


Carll Road
Caroldon Road
Cedar Lane
Cedar Street
Chamberlain Hill Road
Chamberlain Road
Chauncey Road
Chestnut Street
Christopher Circle
Clew Drive
Clover Street
Coe Avenue
Coleman Road
Columbine Road
Cooley Avenue
Copper Beech Drive
Countryside Lane
Cranberry Lane
Crown Street
Crystal Lake Road


David Drive
Deerfield Avenue
DeJohn Drive
Denison Road
Dewey Street
Dobson Circle
Dorothy Drive
Dripps Road
Dunham Street
Durant Street
Durant Terrace


East Fowler Avenue
East Main Street
East Mount Road
East Ridge Road
Eastern Drive
Elizabeth Lane
Elm Street
Evergreen Avenue
Evergreen Circle


Fairchild Road
Fairlawn Avenue
Farm Hill Road
Farmview Circle
Fifth Avenue
Flower Street
Fowler Avenue
Francis Avenue
Franklin Street
Freeman Road
Frisbie Street
Frissell Street
Front Street


Garden Street
Garfield Avenue
Gowin Road
Greenlawn Road
Greenwich Court


Harris Street
Harvey Drive
Her-Del Road
Highland Avenue Ext (#465 & higher)
Highmeadow Lane
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillside Avenue
Hillside Court
Hobson Street
Holly Lane
Holmes Drive
Howard Avenue
Hunting Hill Avenue


Ironwood Lane


Jefferson Avenue
Jensen Place
Julia Terrace


Kelsey Street
Kent Court


Labella Circle
Lake Ridge Heights
Lake Street
Laureate Drive
Laurel Street
Lee Street
Lewis Street
Linbert Street
Linden Street
Lindsey Road
Litchfield Court
Livingston Road
Lyceum Road
Lyman Drive


Magnolia Avenue
Magnolia Place
Main Street Ext.
Maple Place
Maple Street
Maple Shade Road
Maplewood Terrace
Margarite Road
Margarite Road Ext.
Maromas Road
Maynard Street
McDowell Road
McKenzie Street
Meadowbrook Road
Milardo Lane
Mill Street
Millbrook Road
Monarca Drive
Morgan Street
Mount Road
Mountain Laurel Dr
Murray Street


Newtown Street
Norfolk Street
North Fowler Avenue


O'Brien Drive
Oakcliff Road
Old Johnson Lane
Old Millbrook Road
Omo Street
Overlook Avenue


Paddock Road
Paterson Drive
Peck Road
Peppercorn Lane
Pheasant Drive
Plymouth Street
Prout Hill Road


None at this time


Randolph Road (up to #1226)
Reno Drive
Reservoir Road
Ribera Lane
Ridge Road
River Road
Roberta Drive
Roberts Street
Round Hill Road
Round Hill Road Ext
Russell Court
Russell Street
Ryan Street
Ryefield Road


Sand Hill Road
Saybrook Road
Schuyler Avenue
Scovill Road
Sears Street
Sharon Road
Shelley Road
Sherman Lee Drive
Shunpike Road
Silver Drive
Silver Street
Silvermine Road
Snipes Terrace
South Front Street
South Main Street (even numbers, #278 & higher)
Standpipe Road
Summer Hill Road
Sunnyslope Drive


Talcott Ridge Drive
Tall Timbers Road
Thayer Street
Thimble Rock Road
Thistle Lane
Toll Gate Road
Trailside Crossing
Training Hill Road
Tryon Street


None at this time


Vale Street
Victoria Heights
Village Drive
Virginia Drive


Wall Street
Walnut Street
Warner Avenue
Watch Hill Drive
West Silver Street
Westridge Lane
Wilcox Road
Wildwood Lane
Willow Avenue
Windy Hill Drive
Woodbury Circle
Woodside Circle


None at this time


None at this time


None at this time


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