Real Estate Taxes

What if I no longer own the real estate?

Please notify us immediately if you receive a bill for property that has been transferred to another owner.

What if I escrow my taxes?

If you escrow for taxes, please verify with your bank that they plan to pay your Fire Tax. Most banks and mortgage companies do escrow for Fire Taxes, however not all of them do. Each year the banks and mortgage companies must request tax bills from the Tax Collector’s office for bills for which they have an escrow account. The Tax Collector’s office does not know which bank to send the tax bill to unless the bank notifies them. Individuals that receive a bill that are to be paid by a bank or mortgage company should put their account on the bill and forward it to their bank or mortgage company.  Either way, please follow up with your bank or mortgage company.

If you no longer escrow, and do not receive a bill, please call us immediately, or you can search for your tax bill online.

New Construction Completed

If a new home was completed on a piece of property and you already paid on the Real Estate bill, you will most likely see another bill, reflective of your Certificate of Occupancy.

Change of Address

If you no longer reside at the property, but still own the property, please notify our office with your correct address, so we may update our records.

You must also submit a change of address in writing to the Tax Assessor’s Office, City of Middletown, 245 deKoven Dr., Middletown, CT  06457.

Tax Sales

Tax Sales are held on an as-needed basis.  Adam J. Cohen, Esq., Pullman & Comley, LLC, Bridgeport, Connecticut represents the interests of South Fire District.

Interested parties, please visit Connecticut Tax Sales of Certain Municipalities. Please note: other municipality tax sales are also listed on this site.

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