South Fire District personnel are always ready to serve the public with a variety of services, both emergency and routine, and they are often required to provide multiple services on any given call. All of our services are oriented around "preservation of human life and the conservation of property" as stated in our Mission Statement.

Fire Fighting

People often associate firefighting with household fires, but there are many other situations where fire fighting is required such as businesses, motor vehicles, brush fires, electrical fires, etc.

Rescue Services

The rescue situations that firefighters may be called to are numerous and diverse. Some examples are, people who have fallen through the ice, boating or water-related rescues, rescues from high places like trees, buildings, cliffs, etc., people stuck in stalled elevators, people trapped in motor vehicles after a crash, etc.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Services provide emergency room type medical care on-location, whether it be at the scene of a rescue, a residence, or some other location. These services are often required at the scene of a fire or rescue, but more often occur at a residence or business where someone has suddenly gotten very ill.

Fire Safety Education

The fire department knows that educating the public about fire prevention and fire safety is key to saving lives and protecting property. To this end, our firefighters often put on demonstrations, talk to groups and school children, distribute fire safety literature, and make appearances with the "smoke trailer" several times a year. The Adopt-a-Firefighter program, where a firefighter visits the third grade classes in each school in the district to demonstrate equipment and instruct children about fire safety, is extremely popular. (Click here to learn more about it.)

Smoke Detector Program

Second only to fire prevention in importance, smoke detectors are an essential tool for saving lives in the event of a fire. Smoke detectors provide an early warning system that will increase your chances of safely getting out of the house before a fire spreads too far. Because of their critical role, South Fire District will provide you with a free smoke detector, and even install it for you if necessary. They will also change the battery for you each year if you are unable to do so yourself. (Note: This program is for private residences only.)

Emergency Water Removal

With the goal of preserving property, in the event of extremely heavy rainfall or other extraordinary circumstance that causes flooding in your home, South Fire District personnel will come to your home with a pump to remove the majority of the water from your basement so that it does not become a hazard.

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